Welcome to the Bondage Fairies dead drop zone! On this side we collect the puzzlestones which have been dropped on hidden USB-sticks (called dead drops) in various cities all over the world. Check out if there is a dead drop in your city below.

If you find a dead drop connect your laptop or mobile phone with it download the data (most important: the jpg named after the city where the dead drop was found). Then come back to this site and upload the city-jpg. Each dead drop contains one unique file which unlocks a part of a brand new track from the upcoming album "Bondage Fairies" (Release Jan 20th 2012). The more parts are unlocked the more you can enjoy listening to the new track. After all parts have been unlocked you can completely stream the track and download it for free.

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Dead Drops was initiated by Aram Barholl in 2012. Learn more about dead drops here.

Bondage Fairies, in January Twenty Twelve.

Uploaded pieces: 17/17

Upload a new piece you retrieved at a deaddrop:

Find dead drops in the following cities (in alphabetic order). Click on the city to go directly to the dead drop database to see where you can find the dead drops:

Barcelona (ES), Berlin (GER), Cologne (GER), Hamburg (GER), Kiew (UA), London (UK), Mexico City (MEX), Moscow (RU), New York (USA), St. Petersburg (RUS),Sao Paulo (BRA), Stockholm (SWE), Vienna (AT)

. More deaddrops will be added in the next days. Stay tuned!